What In Store At The Giving Store

At The Giving Store we have created an atmosphere of a large, clean, well-organized, well stocked and customer friendly place to shop. To make your shopping experience easy, fun and carefree, we have divided our store into departments for the various types of merchandise.

Every week, thousands of items are sorted, priced, recycled or placed into storage by the production team in our “back room”. The amount of incoming donations changes daily, as do styles and seasons.

Once an item has passed several quality checks it becomes ready to price. We price items on colored tags which helps us identify how long each item has been on the sales floor.

The challenge of the production team members is to determine the value for the hundreds of items they handle daily. They consider quality, condition, style, brand name, seasonality, uniqueness and rarity to determine an item’s price. The majority of the items we price fall into a price range by department. It is important to remember, we have the one of a kind, unique items that you will not see anywhere else; whether it’s vintage, retro, or weird. Our items don’t run in herds, they stand alone.

Dressing Rooms

We provide dressing rooms for men and women in our store. Our fitting rooms are locked so please ask the sales clerk to unlock the door.